Case Study: Volume Rebates Engage Automotive Parts Supplier's Dealers and Distributors

Case Study: Volume Rebates Engage Automotive Parts Supplier's Dealers and Distributors

An automotive parts supplier wanted to grow revenue through its existing distributors and dealers by focusing the channel on new products. The 360insights' Channel Success PlatformTM made achieving that goal easy.

 Incentive programs in the past rarely achieved a desired result and often paid a premium for simply achieving existing volume levels. The client wanted a solution that only paid out when dealers achieved the growth objective with a new product. They needed an incentive program that would influence both growth and mix as well as create new stretch goals for their dealers.

Read our case study to understand how the 360insights' Channel PlatformTM enabled the client to: 

  1. Manage a centralized portal that engaged distributors and dealers in real time
  2. Stay Channel focused by providing a clear calculation of rebate potential
  3. Watch behaviour and track the level of engagement

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