Infographic: The State of Sell-Through Allowances

Infographic: Engage distributors and retailers in competitively positioning products with sell-through allowances

Create visibility to price fluctuations and enable intelligent price management 

Sell-through allowances are sales incentives offered by brands to assist distributors and retailers with margin protection in the form of a retro-active credit, payable after the sale is made at retail. They are essentially subsidies from brands to compensate for discounts made to stay price-competitive. 

Traditionally, sell-through allowances have been an underutilized incentive because both brands and distributors find them administratively challenging. When used properly, sell-through allowances help create visibility to price fluctuations in the market, enable brands to more intelligently manage price, allow retailers to quickly respond to competition, and get brands and retailers working together on price management. 

If you’re looking for a better way to engage your distribution channels, assist them with margin protection, track payouts, and gain more price visibility, sell-through allowances can help you become the preferred brand with your sales channels.

Learn more about how sell-through allowances can simplify the administrative process, control program costs and motivate your dealers with this infographic.

Get a better understanding of: 

  1. The importance of Sell-Through Allowances
  2. Emerging Trends
  3. Criteria for choosing the best STA program
  4. Do's and Dont's (from industry leaders)

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