SPIFF Program Fuels Launch of Hybrid Specialty Vehicle 

Case Study: Large Vehicle Manufacturer Successfully Launches Hybrid Specialty Vehicle 

A maker of specialty vehicles planned to launch a new on/off road hybrid and chose a SPIFF program to stand out from the competition. The Channel Success Platform™ optimized their incentive mix and generated the crucial dealer-level engagement needed to successfully push the new product out-of-the gate. 

Read how the 360insights’ Channel Success PlatformTM enabled the client to: 

  1. Influence channel behavior and rally dealer support around the vehicle launch
  2. Consolidate all incentives to one platform for future optimization
  3. Process their claim submissions and payments across multiple countries faster​​​​

A large manufacturer needed a SPIFF incentive program to stand-out from the competition.  The company traditionally retailed through a dealer network who commonly offered multiple competing brands. The client offered their dealers Market Development Funds (MDF) as well as channel rebates but feared these incentives might not be enough to gain the dealer-level support required to establish the new vehicle in the market. 

The client was looking for a vendor that could consolidate all incentives in one platform, so they could understand how the new incentive influenced channel behavior.  They required a solution that could handle the new incentive and existing MDF and rebate programs. They wanted a platform that could integrate new and existing programs with the dealer POS systems to more efficiently manage all channel and consumer claim submissions, processing and payments, across multiple countries.  They chose a SPIFF program from 360insights.

The Channel Success PlatformTM enabled the client to gain visibility across all incentive programs, optimize the incentive mix and maximize return on investment.  Dealers and consumers alike, commented on how easy the platform was to use, versus the traditional methods leveraged in the past. As a result, the client was delighted by the level of engagement throughout their channel and the ability of the data analytics component to quantify it.

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