SPIFFs Infographic: The State of SPIFF Programs

SPIFFs Infographic: Leverage SPIFF programs to influence channel behavior and gain dealer support

Learn how incentives can encourage sales professionals to actively push your product or service out-the-door with this SPIFFs infographic.

This SPIFFs infographic provides an insightful overview of how to choose the best SPIFF program and why they are essential for driving growth and increasing brand loyalty. Are you looking to encourage channel engagement, acquire new customers and grow market share?  Leverage SPIFFs to improve channel performance, measure results and motivate your sales representatives. SPIFFs also help to maximize revenue from your indirect sales channel by creating connections to your brand.  

If you want to learn more about the importance of SPIFF programs, how they influence channel behaviors and drive sales and profitability, this SPIFFs infographic can help.

Get a better understanding of:

  1. The importance of SPIFFs
  2. Emerging trends
  3. Criteria for choosing the best SPIFF program
  4. Do's and Dont's (from industry leaders)

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