Sell-Through Allowances Best Practices eBook

Sell Through Allowances eBook Aligning Brands and Retailers

Learn how sell through allowances align brands and retail in responding to market price fluctuations. 

Are you looking for ways to gain new insights into price sensitivi­ties with local and regional markets? Perhaps you need to achieve brand and retail alignment on price promotions? Sell through allowances can help brands understand market price pressures and also help retailers respond aggressively to local competition. However, from a brand perspective, sell-through allowances can be a burden as maintaining records and accounting for margins can be difficult. Retailers also frequently become frustrated as STAs can create inventory valuation and cash-flow issues.  

In this ebook, expect to get a better understanding of what sell through allowances are, and how they can be leveraged to align brands and retailers on responding to market price pressures.  Sell through allowances can be a valuable channel incentive if you take action to overcome their traditional challenges. Learn to overcome the challenges and achieve success with this valuable channel incentive. 

What you will learn from this eBook: 

  1. What is the hidden potential of sell through allowances
  2. How to overcome administrative challenges with tracking, accounting and paying STAs.
  3. Achieving brand and retail price alignment and how to get brands and retailers on the same page on when to run price promotions and how to respond to local price pressures
  4. How STAs can create price visibility and how the retailer inputs can create macro and micro understanding of price sensitivities for brands.

Who should read this ebook?

Marketing Managers who are seeking ways to gain new insights into price sensitivi­ties with local and regional markets and for incentive tools to adapt to price fluctuations. 

VPs of Marketing who are looking to achieve alignment between their brand and retailers on price promotions and market pressures occurring at local or regional levels. 

VPs of Channel Sales who are accountable for the use of promotional tools to drive to a specific sales target. 

CMOs who are looking to generate revenues while driving meaningful consumer experi­ences and nurturing the lifetime value of the consumer

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