Case Study: Using 360's Rebate Technology to Elevate Customer Experience & Drive Sales

Using 360’s Rebate Management Software to Elevate Consumer Experience & Drive Sales

Ask most brands if they are using the latest technologies to operate and measure their consumer rebate program and you may get a quick “yes, of course.” Often, however, the missing element is an up-to-date understanding of what the latest available technologies are and how they advance business processes.

This manufacturer was looking to leverage rebate management software to drive consumer purchases through delivering a remarkable consumer rebate program bolstered by top-notch support services.

“The 360insights platform truly elevates the consumer's rebate experience and, by extension, how they feel about (our brand). We really want to stay a trusted brand for people, and that's why it was so important to find a partner who could help deliver that.”

-  Client trade marketing manager -

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