Rebate Program Best Practices 
How Are Consumer and Instant Rebates Different? 

Consumer vs. Instant Rebates: Which is Best?

Accelerate incentive program design and ROI with traditional rebates.

Do you know the differences between consumer and instant rebates?  Which rebate type maximizes program ROI better than the other?  

This eBook will address these frequently asked questions and unveil the mystery of which incentive is most effective for your marketing program.

What You Will Learn: 

  • The difference between consumer and instant rebates and how they impact various target audiences.
  • What the top use cases are for consumer and instant rebates.
  • Tips and tricks for executing a smooth rebate submission and redemption process. 
  • The importance of having state-of-the-art risk and compliance to protect against rebate fraud.

Who Should Read This eBook: 

  1. Marketing Program Managers who need to select the appropriate mix of incentive types for effective incentive program design.
  2. Marketing Directors who need to optimize reseller engagement, enhance customer experiences, and improve returns on partner marketing initiatives.  
  3. VPs of Marketing who are looking to properly utilize funds and accelerate their incentive strategies for future success.


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