Incentives Planning Guide
Best Practices for Optimizing Incentive Programs


A Framework for Planning & Optimizing Channel Incentives

Achieve desired results and maximize program spend & ROI.

What are the attributes of a good goal? How do you choose the right incentives to motivate each segment of your channel to achieve your goals? This guide provides a framework that will help you plan and optimize channel incentive programs. 

Incentives help keep the channel ecosystem engaged and motivated.  However, knowing what combination of incentives motivates your channel can be challenging.  

This guide provides best practices on developing goals, identifying channel segments to target, and determining the right mix of incentives to achieve desired results and maximize incentive program ROI.

What you will learn in this guide:

  • The importance of creating specific, attainable and measurable goals. 
  • How to identify channel segments to target with incentives. 
  • The different incentive options for influencing channel segments and behaviors.
  • KPIs for measuring channel performance and how they align with incentives.
  • Finding the right mix for achieving your goals.

Who should read this guide:

  • VPs of Sales & Marketing who need to drive demand, increase pipeline and develop better returns from their channel incentives budget.
  • Directors of Channel Programs who are looking to align channel strategies with channel behaviours through incentives.
  • Channel Marketing Managers who want to construct and execute incentive programs that engage and motivate a required action or behavior.

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