IDG Webcast: Exploring the Tactics to Win in 2018

Episode 2 - Channel Marketing: How to do Better

The recent IDG State of Channel Marketing report found that the top challenges marketers face today are spend optimization and enabling data driven decisions, surpassing demand generation itself. Watch as experts from IDG Research and 360insights uncover the “How To” for improving Channel Marketing programs in light of these findings.


What You'll Learn:

  • The Future of Channel Marketing:  How the top challenges and goals for 2018 will help shape the future of your programs.
  • Techniques to Evaluate Channel Performance: How to rate effectiveness of programs and plan future investments.
  • Optimizing Channel Performance: How to utilize an end-to-end solution to capture insights, optimize spend and maximize revenue for future promotions.

Who Should Watch This Webcast:

  • Channel Directors: Who are responsible for monitoring and adapting their current incentive programs in response to the changing needs of the business and market.
  • Marketing Managers: Who want to demonstrate program impact and gain insights into their highest performing programs.

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