Eight Essentials for Successful MDF & CO-OP Channel Incentive Programs

A Best Practices Guide for Building Successful MDF & CO-OP Channel Incentive Programs

Learn how MDF & CO-OP channel incentive programs will support reseller behaviour and maintain corporate compliance. 

Are you looking for a better way to work with channel partners and get more return from (MDF) market development funds? This ebook outlines the eight essential elements for building successful MDF and CO-OP channel incentive marketing programs. These eight essentials will not only take you one step ahead of the competition but also provide that all-important edge for your brand.

Considered important parts of the marketer’s channel incentive strategy, MDF and CO-OP marketing programs not only support the go-to-market behaviors of resellers but also the buying process of customers. If planned, implemented and executed effectively, MDF and CO-OP channel incentive programs can help deliver true value and deeply impact annual sales. But how do you this? Is there a science behind creating effective incentive programs that ultimately increase channel satisfaction and drive revenue growth? Read this ebook to find out.

What you will learn from this ebook:

  1. How to plan, design and execute effective MDF and CO-OP programs. 
  2. Key insights on what others in the industry are doing, what’s working, what’s not and what is trending for the future.
  3. Actionable tactics on how to avoid common mistakes.

Who should read this ebook?

CHANNEL CHIEFS who are looking to accelerate channel transformation and gain a greater return on their market development investments.

VPS OF MARKETING who need a better return from their channel incentive budget and want to improve compliance and reduce administrative friction in the funding process.

MARKETING MANAGERS at corporate and in the field, who need to improve reseller engagement and the return on partner marketing initiatives.


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